Graduate Outcome Survey (GOS)

office-of-irp The Graduate Outcome Survey is used to collect information on recent graduates such as employment outcomes, further studies, and overall program satisfaction. The results are used to better understand employability of our graduates and our impact on the labour market.

To begin the survey, please check your email during the launch period (i.e. typically June/July for the previous year graduates) for an email from the Office of Institutional Research with a subject of CNA Graduate Outcomes Survey. There will be a direct link to the questionnaire embedded in the email, as well as detailed information required that is related to this initiative.

Each survey should take approximately 5 to 7 minutes to complete. Your name will remain anonymous and results will be used solely for research and planning purposes. This is your chance to have your voice heard!


What is a Graduate Outcome Survey?

Who is being surveyed?

Why is completing the Graduate Outcome Survey so important?

What does the Graduate Outcome Survey look like?

How can we access the Graduate Outcome Survey?

Can the Graduate Outcome Survey be completed on a mobile device?

When can we start completing the survey?

How secure are the responses?

How will the results be used?

Is the Graduate Outcome Survey results valid and reliable?

What to do in case of technological difficulties?

Who to contact if there are more questions?

Any questions or access issues can be shared to a member of the Institutional Research & Planning (IRP) team by emailing