Office of Institutional Research And Planning (IRP)

The Office of Institutional Research and Planning (IRP) provides information to inform and support evidence-based decision-making and accountability requirements for College of the North Atlantic through data collection, analysis, synthesis, storage and reporting.

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All information generated, stored or released through IRP is done so in accordance with the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy (ATIPP) Act, 2015. The requesting of information through IRP does not supersede your right to make a formal access request under ATIPP Act, 2015.
IRP generates information for the purpose of:
  • informing and supporting policy development, management decision-making processes and resource allocation principles of the college;
  • informing and supporting policy development and decision-making processes of external agencies and departments that may impact the operations of the college;
  • informing and supporting the college’s response to legislative and regulatory accountability requirements;
  • informing and supporting internal and external partnerships or agreements;
  • informing and supporting core planning processes of the college.
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IRP Data Request Form

Requests for data from the college’s IRP office must be submitted via the following link: line seperator

IRP Survey Request Form

Requests for surveys from the college’s IRP office must be submitted via the following link: line seperator

IRP - Work Priorities

Concurrent with regularly scheduled reports, IRP will generally respond to research requests on a priority basis.
IRP uses a client-based approach to addressing work priorities as follows:
  • Level One
    • President, Executive and Board of Governors
    • Senior Management
    • Department of Advanced Education, Skills and Labour
  • Level Two
  • Internal Core Planning Committees (e.g. Academic Planning)
  • External Agencies in Support of Partnerships or Agreements
  • Internal Ad Hoc Planning Committees
  • Other Government Departments or Agencies
  • Students or employees in general
  • External individuals or committees
  • Other persons or groups presenting general or ad hoc requests
  • Level Three
  • Level Four
  • Level Five
There will likely be instances where IRP may not be able to provide information to a requestor. Such instances may include, but not be limited to, requests that:
  • are not compliant with the privacy provisions of ATIPP Act, 2015;
  • are outside the mandate of IRP (e.g. financial statements, audits);
  • would consume an inordinate level of available resources (e.g. major projects for which dedicated resources would normally be required);
  • are not of direct benefit to the planning processes of the institution;
  • are from external individuals for their research (or other) purposes (e.g. graduate students).
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IRP & Intellectual Property (IP)

Any and all intellectual property generated through IRP, either as part of regular monitoring reports or in response to ad hoc requests, will be the property of College of the North Atlantic. In the case of information provided to external requestors, such information may only be used for publication, other forms of public release, or usage other than originally intended and for which the information was provided, with the express written permission of College of the North Atlantic. A request for permission in this regard must be submitted in writing to the Associate Vice-President Strategic Enrolment Management.