Academic Support

The Peer Tutoring program is a free service offered to College of the North Atlantic students. The program is designed to provide remedial assistance to students who, after a concentrated effort, are still experiencing difficulty in a particular subject area. Such students may be paired with a student who has been approved to tutor in the same subject area.

Peer tutors are compensated at a rate established by the campus. In many instances, instructors will identify students who would benefit from peer tutoring, as well as students who they feel would be suitable tutors. Although bringing two students together in a tutoring match-up doesn’t guarantee success, the process has proven to be effective.

Don’t hesitate to ask for help if you feel you can benefit from this service. Application forms are available from the Student Services Office or you can dowload the PDF's below.

Peer Tutoring Student Application

Peer Tutoring Tutor Application

Peer Tutoring Contract

Peer Tutoring Log