Board of Governors

The primary role of a Board of Governors is policy formulation. This means that the Board should set priorities and directions to be achieved by the institution. This is a difficult task but is the essence of "governance" even though it is often nebulous and may seem remote and much less tangible than "managing" or implementing policy - the role of the President.

While policy formulation can be said to be the basic role of the Board, a second role demanded by the first is that of accountability. It is impossible to continue to set directions and rearrange priorities without rigorous and regular assessment of institutional performance.

A third role of the Board is generally described as interpreter between the people served by the college and the college itself. A Board member should be able to explain to other persons in the province what the college is doing, in what directions it is trying to go and why it has chosen these directions or set these priorities. Similarly, the Board must represent the people it serves by communicating provincial expectations, needs and interests to the people working within the college.

A fourth role that is fundamental for a Board is the selection, support and assessment of the performance of the President, who is responsible for providing advice to the Board on matters of policy and for managing the college on its behalf. line seperator

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