Policies and Procedures

The Policies contained on this Web site have been approved by College Executive and are enacted under the authority of section 15(1)(h) of the College Act, 1996, in conjunction with Board Policy GP-RR-904.

“Section 15(1)(h) of the Act grants to the Board of the College the authority to “make general policies to govern the organization, administration and operation of the college including personnel policies which, unless otherwise approved by the minister, shall adhere to the personnel administrative procedure of the province”.  Board Policy GP-RR-904 then authorizes the College President, in consultation with the Board, to develop and implement operational policies and procedures to govern all aspects of the administration of the College.”

Close Academic
Aboriginal Education
Policy: AC-116
line-separatorAcademic Council
Policy: AC-100
Procedure: AC-100-PR
line-separatorAcademic Definitions
Policy: AC-101
Procedure: AC-101-PR
line-separatorAcademic Program Assessment
Policy: AC-122
Procedure: AC-122-PR
Policy: AC-102
Procedure: AC-102-PR
line-separatorApplied Degree Program Approval
Policy: AC-121
Procedure: AC-121-PR
Document/s: Appendix A | Appendix B 
line-separatorAwarding Diplomas & Certificates
Policy: AC-104
Procedure: AC-104-PR
Policy: AC-118
Procedure: AC-118-PR
line-separatorCouncil of Deans and Academic Directors
Policy: AC-115
Procedure: AC-115-PR
line-separatorEthics for Research Involving Humans
Policy: AC-113
Procedure: AC-113-PR
line-separatorIndustrial Trades - Rewrites
Policy: AC-117
Procedure: AC-117-PR
line-separatorIntellectual Property
Policy: AC-111
Procedure: AC-111-PR
line-separatorMedical Requirements
Policy: AC-108
Procedure: AC-108-PR
Policy: AC-107
Procedure: AC-107-PR
line-separatorProgram Advisory Committees
Policy: AC-110
Procedure: AC-110-PR
line-separatorProgram Approval - New Programs
Policy: AC-106
Procedure: AC-106-PR
line-separatorProgram Eligibility List and Program Waitlist
Policy: AC-119
Procedure: AC-119-PR
line-separatorProgram Review
Policy: AC-109
Procedure: AC-109-PR
Policy: AC-103
Procedure: AC-103-PR
line-separatorSigning Authority for Academic Credentials
Policy: AC-120
Procedure: AC-120-PR
Corporate Services
Breach of Contract by CNA Contractor
Policy: CS-316
line-separatorCapital Allocation and Spending
Policy: CS-304
Procedure: CS-304-PR
line-separatorCollege Closure – Emergency Situations
Policy: CS-303
Procedure: CS-303-PR
line-separatorCollege Vehicles
Policy: CS-315
Procedure: CS-315-PR
line-separatorDisposal of Assets
Policy: CS-322
Procedure: CS-322-PR
line-separatorEmergency Response Plan
Policy: CS-311
Procedure: CS-311-PR
Policy: CS-307
line-separatorFinancial Audit
Policy: CS-302
Procedure: CS-302-PR
line-separatorFinancial Credit
Policy: CS-319
Procedure: CS-319-PR
Document/s: Financial Contract  
line-separatorFixed Asset Inventory
Policy: CS-306
Procedure: CS-306-PR
Policy: CS-314
Procedure: CS-314-PR
line-separatorMemberships Associations Organizations
Policy: CS-309
Procedure: CS-309-PR
Document/s: Membership Fee Form 
line-separatorMobile Communications Technologies
Policy: CS-310
Procedure: CS-310-PR
line-separatorPartnership Agreements - Contracts
Policy: CS-305
Procedure: CS-305-PR
line-separatorPetty Cash
Policy: CS-317
Procedure: CS-317-PR
Policy: CS-318
Procedure: CS-318-PR
line-separatorRisk Management
Policy: CS-313
Procedure: CS-313-PR
line-separatorTravel and Entertainment
Policy: CS-308
Procedure: CS-308-PR
line-separatorTuition and Fees
Policy: CS-301
Procedure: CS-301-PR
Human Resources
Conflict of Interest
Policy: HR-401
Procedure: HR-401-PR
line-separatorContinuous Learning
Policy: HR-404
Procedure: HR-404-PR
line-separatorEarly and Safe Return to Work
Policy: HR-407
Procedure: HR-407-PR
line-separatorEmployee Code of Conduct
Policy: HR-403
Procedure: HR-403-PR
line-separatorEmployee Discipline
Policy: HR-414
Procedure: HR-414-PR
line-separatorEmployee Recognition
Policy: HR-406
line-separatorEmployee Recognition - Awards of Excellence
Procedure: HR-406-PR-1
line-separatorExit Interviews
Policy: HR-412
Procedure: HR-412-PR
line-separatorFlexible Work Arrangements
Policy: HR-411
line-separatorFlexible Work Arrangements - Ad-Hoc Telework
Procedure: HR-411-PR-2
line-separatorFlexible Work Arrangements - Flex, Compressed and Telework
Procedure: HR-411-PR-1
line-separatorHours of Work and Overtime
Policy: HR-415
Procedure: HR-415-PR
line-separatorNew Employee Orientation
Policy: HR-418
Procedure: HR-418-PR
line-separatorOccupational Health and Safety
Policy: HR-405
line-separatorOccupational Health and Safety - Hazard Recognition Evaluation and Control
Procedure: HR-405-PR-2
line-separatorOccupational Health and Safety - Incident Reporting and Investigations
Procedure: HR-405-PR-3
line-separatorOccupational Health and Safety - Medical Ergonomic Assessments
Procedure: HR-405-PR-4
line-separatorOccupational Health and Safety - Working Alone
Procedure: HR-405-PR-5
line-separatorOccupational Health and Safety - Workplace Inspections
Procedure: HR-405-PR-1
line-separatorPolitical Activity
Policy: HR-408
Procedure: HR-408-PR
Policy: HR-409
Procedure: HR-409-PR
line-separatorScent Policy
Policy: HR-420
Document/s: Scent Free Flyer 
line-separatorSmoke Free College
Policy: HR-419
Procedure: HR-419-PR
line-separatorSpecial Leave Without Pay
Policy: HR-402
Procedure: HR-402-PR
Information Systems
Electronic Information Systems Use
Policy: IS-501
Procedure: IS-501-PR
line-separatorElectronic Mail (E-Mail) and Internet Usage
Policy: IS-502
Procedure: IS-502-PR
line-separatorIT Infrastructure Procurement
Policy: IS-506
Procedure: IS-506-PR
line-separatorMobile Computing Devices Procurement & Usage
Policy: IS-504
Procedure: IS-504-PR
line-separatorNetwork User Accounts
Policy: IS-505
Procedure: IS-505-PR
line-separatorPersonal & Confidential College Data Encryption
Policy: IS-503
Procedure: IS-503-PR
International Travel
Policy: INT-900
Procedure: INT-900-PR
President's Office
College Corporate Seal
Policy: PO-003
Procedure: PO-003-PR
line-separatorDevelopment of Policies and Procedures
Policy: PO-001
Procedure: PO-001-PR
line-separatorEnvironmental Sustainability
Policy: PO-006
Policy: PO-005
Procedure: PO-005-PR
line-separatorSexual Violence
Policy: PO-002
Procedure: PO-002-PR
Public Affairs and Advancement
Access to Information Request
Policy: PA-601
Procedure: PA-601-PR
Policy: PA-608
Procedure: PA-608-PR
line-separatorElectronic Records
Policy: PA-613
Procedure: PA-613-PR
line-separatorInstitutional Research
Policy: PA-611
Procedure: PA-611-PR
line-separatorMarketing the College
Policy: PA-607
Procedure: PA-607-PR
line-separatorPrivacy Breach
Policy: PA-602
Procedure: PA-602-PR
line-separatorProspect Clearance
Policy: PA-609
Procedure: PA-609-PR
line-separatorPublic Relations - Media Coverage
Policy: PA-606
Procedure: PA-606-PR
line-separatorRecords and Information Management
Policy: PA-603
Procedure: PA-603-PR
line-separatorSocial Media
Policy: PA-605
Policy: PA-610
Procedure: PA-610-PR
Policy: PA-612
Procedure: PA-612-PR
line-separatorWebsite Development & Maintenance
Policy: PA-604
Procedure: PA-604-PR
Student Services
Graduation Ceremonies
Policy: SS-214
Procedure: SS-214-PR
line-separatorLibrary Services - Circulation
Policy: SS-212
Procedure: SS-212-PR
line-separatorLibrary Services - Collection Development
Policy: SS-211
Procedure: SS-211-PR
line-separatorPeer Tutoring
Policy: SS-209
Procedure: SS-209-PR
line-separatorStandardized Testing
Policy: SS-210
Procedure: SS-210-PR
line-separatorStudent Appeals - Academic
Policy: SS-213
Procedure: SS-213-PR
line-separatorStudent Appeals - Non Academic
Policy: SS-203
Procedure: SS-203-PR
line-separatorStudent Attendance
Policy: SS-217
Procedure: SS-217-PR
line-separatorStudent Awards
Policy: SS-204
Procedure: SS-204-PR
line-separatorStudent Code of Conduct
Policy: SS-201
Procedure: SS-201-PR
line-separatorStudent Governance
Policy: SS-205
Procedure: SS-205-PR
line-separatorStudent Records
Policy: SS-206
Procedure: SS-206-PR
line-separatorStudents with Disabilities
Policy: SS-207
Procedure: SS-207-PR
Policy: SS-216

For further information or for direction regarding any areas of College operation not covered by these policies, please consult the Human Resources Policy Manual of the Treasury Board Secretariat of the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador.

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